Thank you for visiting the Oakcrest Church of Christ website. We hope and pray that you will find this site useful in your quest to learn more about us. If you have any questions that are not answered in these pages, please feel free to contact our church office at any time. We desire to serve the Oakcrest community and the south Oklahoma City/Moore area through vibrantly living out the mission of Christ together. We would love for you to join us in that endeavor. The Oakcrest church desires to help its members make meaning of their lives, find belonging with others, and discover purpose. To accomplish this, our vision as a church is to have community with God, community with each other, and community with our neighbors.
At Oakcrest, we believe that God not only created the universe, but also every person in his image. We believe that God desires relationship with us, and we want to be a family that earnestly seeks to commune with God daily. We do this through worship, the reading of scripture, prayer, and continuing to learn what it means to be formed into the image of Christ.
One of the greatest gifts that God has given us is the spiritual family of believers. Therefore, we continually find ways to build relationships to have community with one another. Whether worshipping God together on a Sunday morning, connecting in small groups, or playing together as a family, we believe the Spirit of God brings joy, peace and love when we live in community together.
We believe the mission of the local church is to impact the community and neighborhood where it’s planted. We want to serve everyone we meet because that’s the example we see in Christ. Our goal is to meet the needs of those around us, whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual. Love compels us to serve each other.
View our vision presentation from June 2019


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