Oakcrest began working with the Boulevard Church of Christ in Oklahoma City in early 2015, and began supporting Ivan Gonzalez in July 2015 when the church was seeking support for him. Ivan is their bi-lingual minister and assists with day to day operations of the congregation, translates during services, teaches Bible study one day a week at the Eagle Recovery Center, and many other responsibilities including working with the youth and college ministry.
Dear Oakcrest Family,    
Can’t thank you enough for the constant support you provide for my family and I. Which in turn benefits the community we serve. Through your constant prayers and financial aid, we can accomplish the goals that Boulevard has set out to achieve. Our goal at Boulevard is to provide an environment where you can come and realize that the Lord has entrusted you with something unique, and He wants to use you to further His kingdom. There are some ministries already set in place to provide for the opportunity to serve. Such as Hands and Feet – serving those that could benefit from a meal or a helping hand; Our tutoring program – Helping families with elementary age kids that need help with reading and their homework; or Eagle Christian Center – a sober living home where women need help restoring their lives. Serving is just the beginning of our goals. A significant need we find across all groups of society is a need to heal. We all need some healing, and Boulevard is that place where anyone can come to be healed. Our goal is not to physically heal someone. We desire that through our service, love, and efforts, we may help people heal emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We hope that ultimately, we can help them restore their relationship with God. We pray that through our prayers, love, example, and care for them, we can accomplish that. And lastly, we want to provide a place where you can worship our Lord. Where you don’t feel judged but instead loved. Where languages don’t divide us but rather brings us together. Where cultures and age mesh together rather than separate us. All this to worship the One that is deserving of it, Our Creator! All of this is made possible because of everyone that is involved. And you, Oakcrest, are a blessing from God to help this side of town. Thank You!
Sincerely, your brother in Christ,
Ivan Gonzalez

 1111 SW 89th St  Oklahoma City  OK   405.631.5534

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