September 2021

Whatever the Circumstances… Really?

In the Footsteps of Jesus…Through the Valley of Death to the Throne of God

August 2021

In His Footsteps… to a Life of Worship

In His Footsteps… to the Mountain of Prayer

In His Footsteps…through the Desert of Temptation

In His Footsteps…to the Waters of Baptism

June 2021

Forgive One Another

Accept One Another

Looking to the Interests of Others

Is There Anything I Can Do for You?

May 2021

Hope is Our Ultimate Anchor

April 2021

Hope Does Not Disappoint

Hope is a Perfect Gift from God

Believing In The Power Of _______.

November 2020

Missions Month — Scott Bulmer

July 2020

The Parable of the Shrewd Manager

May 2019

Just Do THIS

November 2018

Except You Only

March 2018

Making A Difference