April 2022

God’s Renewal Challenge

The Day Hope Died – Easter 2022

February 2022

To God Be the Glory in Song

January 2022

Live at Peace with Everyone

Cling to What is Good

Many Members, One Body

Holy & Pleasing to God

December 2021

Wherever You Go…

November 2021

In A Word… GO!

October 2021

My Eyes Have Seen the King

Who is Equal to Such a Task?

September 2021

Whatever the Circumstances… Really?

In the Footsteps of Jesus…Through the Valley of Death to the Throne of God

August 2021

In His Footsteps… to a Life of Worship

In His Footsteps… to the Mountain of Prayer

In His Footsteps…through the Desert of Temptation

In His Footsteps…to the Waters of Baptism

June 2021

Forgive One Another

Accept One Another

Looking to the Interests of Others