The Mission of Oakcrest’s Women’s Ministry
To draw women both inside and outside the body of Christ into an intimate relationship with their savior and his body.

The Women’s Ministry at Oakcrest is alive and well! We meet actively, approximately every other month, and more often when we need to get something planned like a spring retreat. Our meetings usually occur on a Wednesday evening right before church and take an hour — once again, sometimes longer if in the planning mode. We currently have thirteen women of all ages serving on the ministry team and we would love to have you if you are interested in serving in that capacity!

Our ministry is focused on the primary purpose that you see above. It is our desire to work in this ministry bringing honor and glory to our Heavenly Father and having a positive impact on the Kingdom of God by reaching women in as many ways as possible. Some of those include craft nights, coffee nights, Ladies Day, Women of Faith, Christmas Exchange, women’s classes home Bible studies and an annual two-night spring retreat. We also have a monthly bulletin insert that is designed to offer some form of encouragement and hope to women as we work diligently in the areas God has called us into. We are constantly looking at ways to expand our ministry to touch more women. Some ideas that are being kicked around for this year are having a craft night with an inner city mission (Cross & Crown), having a day or evening where we do something encouraging for teachers before heading back to school, and doing a cooking day where we meet and put meals together to be used at a later time when we are too busy to cook!


Whether you decide to try out serving on the ministry team or just to attend some of the activities, we hope and pray you will choose to be a part of the ministry on some level. Come and check us out. We want to meet you and minister to you so that you can be drawn closer to your Savior and to His body.


If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions please feel free to contact 

the church office @ (405) 631.5534