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The Oakcrest congregation has been an integral part of the work in Lisbon, Portugal since February 1982. We currently have three evangelists actively involved in the work there. We support Ricardo Neves full-time as the lead evangelist who is married to Diana. They have five children: Daniel, Daniela, Carolina, Renato and Jessica. Caio Queiros is being supported full-time as a youth intern and is newly married to Ines. Finally, Valfredo Dias is being supported part-time in the work and is married to Soili. These three evangelists comprise a wonderfully dedicated and passionate team of workers.
More than 300 from numerous continents and countries have been baptized into Christ during these years. The congregation numbers 75-85 members. Our goal is that one day the Lisbon church will be self-supporting financially, as well as having strong leaders to carry on the work that Oakcrest started many years ago. The Lisbon church continues to be one of the “brightest spots” of all the ongoing works on the continent of Europe.
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Ricardo and Diana

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